Need a Taxi Cab?

NO PRICE INCREASE: Our “Ride for $5” anywhere in the city limits of Lebanon fee will NOT change even though gas prices are raising. Yes, we have the lowest fees in Lebanon and the surrounding areas and we want you to know we are here for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

As of January 1, 2019, we no longer go into trailer parks in the Lebanon area due to poor roads, pot holes, and difficulty in locating trailers/numbers after dark.

We do not want to seem partial by going to some and not others. If you are interested and need a ride, we would greatly appreciate you meeting us at one of the entrances or where the mailboxes for your particular trailer park are located.

Open 24/7/365, Including Holidays

$5 One-way fares anywhere within Lebanon. Outside Lebanon city limits $3.00/mile for the first 100 miles and $2.50/mile after that.

Ages 10 and under: $3 each
Age 11 and over: $5 adult fare
Seniors 60 and over: $4

Save money with our Ride Punch Cards

As of 2/1/20: we accept all major credit cards. $3 fee (in-town trips). Ask about out-of-town fee.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Payment is required BEFORE your ride, or we can take you to an ATM for an additional $5 fee.

Refer A Friend!

(Starting December 1, 2021)

As us how you and a friend can receive discount rides. Does life get any better!?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Gray’s Taxi Service: The Best Fare Anywhere!

Now with OnStar-equipped late-model Equinoxes

Gray’s Taxi Service has been providing safe and reliable transportation and courier services since 2009. We moved to Lebanon Missouri in 2017, and have been serving the local community ever since.

Rain? Sleet? Icy Roads? We’re still open! We’ll get you where you need to go, even in bad weather, but we will have to charge an inclement weather fee of $7 (in town) each way instead of $5.

Your Call, Your Cab: We won’t make you share the cab with other riders. When you call for us, we’re there for you and only you!

We’re mobile hotspots! Enjoy unlimited internet during your ride for an additional $2.

Getting you where you need to go — safely, reliably, and affordably!

Gray’s Taxi Services

Ride for $5: We’ll take you anywhere in Lebanon city limits. Outside Lebanon city limits $3.00/mile for the first 100 miles and $2.50/mile after that.
We have the lowest fees in Lebanon and the surrounding areas. Our $5 fee for anywhere in Lebanon city limits will NOT change even due to inflation or gas price increases. We realize we serve many seniors or people on fixed incomes and we want you to be able to count on us and know we are here to serve you.

R.A.T. (Ride Around Town) Punch Cards

If you make frequent in-town trips with us, why not save money with our RAT punch card? Get 10 in-town rides for only $40! Perfect for 1-way trips to work, or those needing occasional trips to the store. Good for 21 days. Contact us to purchase, or if you have any questions. Also ask about our $20/5 in-town rides/good for 2 weeks cards.

Senior Discounts: Seniors 60+ can ride anywhere in Lebanon city limits for only $4 – cannot be combined with any other discounts

Arrive Alive Program: Need a ride home, but don’t want to get a DUI or hurt yourself or someone else? Then give your bartender your keys, then give Gray’s a call! We’ll pick you up, bring you AND your keys home safely, then come back the next day to bring you back to your car for only $4 more (paid when you get dropped off at home).

Please note: We charge a $5 No-Show fee unless you cancel your ride within 15mins of your scheduled pickup time.

Delivery/Courier Services

We’re all about getting you where you need to be, when you need to be there. But did you know we also offer courier & delivery services?

Are you stuck at home with sick children? Need us to pick up some groceries or a prescription? Want something hot and tasty from a fast food joint, but don’t really want to make the trip yourself? No problem! We’ll only charge you a $10 delivery fee to pick up whatever you need (in addition to the cost of whatever you have us pick up).

Our Courier Services Are Great For:

Package delivery
Document delivery

Medicine delivery
Grocery delivery
Food/meal delivery
Help transporting large/bulky items
Moving Assistance
…And more!

Absolutely No Alcohol/Tobacco Deliveries!!

Gray’s is Proud to be A Part of Lebanon’s Community

In addition to supporting Lebanon’s local sports teams, we also work with a variety of other local community organizations, just a few of which are listed below:

The Pregnancy Council of Lebanon Missouri

Cope House Domestic Violence Shelter via Helping Hands Vouchers

The Sound House

Free Store Ministry

Gray’s Taxi Service is proud to serve and support Lebanon Missouri and the surrounding area. Go Yellowjackets!

We’d like to thank Jim at Rodeo Roots for his help in designing our jackets. Great work Jim!